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Some OkCupid users have their accounts compromised. Why don’t more dating apps use 2FA?


Zack Whittaker of TechCrunch is reporting that some users of the OKCupid app are reporting that hackers have broken into their accounts, and changed passwords and associated email addresses - effectively locking users out of their online profiles.

A quick search on social media uncovers a number of other users who have experienced a similar problem.

@okcupid My account was just hacked about 20 minutes ago and passed/email changed, trying to find a contact email but been unable to. Any help?— Kieron Scott (@RyanCavendell) February 4, 2019

Worryingly, the unnamed user who contacted TechCrunch reported that they had not received any communication from OKCupid asking them to confirm they wished to change the email address associated with their account. Furthermore, “the hacker started harassing him strange text messages from his phone number that was lifted from one of his private messages.”

It’s easy to imagine the harm that could result from a hacker reading users’ private...(continued)

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