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Internet Safety – The Unforgotten Mass Of Small Users


Living in the age of Cyber Adversity in which the risks from on-line hackers, criminals, cyber-miscreants, not to mention those foes who exist in the guise of service providers wishing to exploit our data to their own financial end, the prospect of a modicum of robust security is, or at least should be at the forefront of our minds. The problem is however, when it comes to those big corporates, notwithstanding the investment is not always as effective as it should be, they do have the resource to manage the risks (even if it is after-the-fact). However, when it comes to Joe and Jane Public, the SME, and other institutions such as Schools and those smaller not-for-profit institutions, they are left very much on their own to struggle by with the cyber-challenge of the day!

If I were to select but one big security pain, based on my observations it is that of the management and security of those promiscuous environments that you can’t see or touch, but which offer their...(continued)

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