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Adi Dar, CEO, Cyberbit

Many cybersecurity startups in Israel share a similar vision: To become so successful and promising that a bigger entity would acquire it.

This was not what Adi Dar had in mind in 2015 when he established Cyberbit.

“We did not want to be bought by anybody,” he says. “My goal was to establish a cyber industry, have a global presence, grow the company, and basically be in for the long haul.”

It was during his 15 years with the Israeli defense industry that he was able to see the technology that was available, and which could be harnessed. Dar led one of the major subsidiaries of Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest defense contractor. Here, he met like-minded people who would become mentors, colleagues and allies later in his career, as he sought to address the huge shortage of cybersecurity professionals to enable organizations to respond to an overwhelming volume of threats.

“We did a lot of command and control operations, developed cyber technologies for the government and the...(continued)

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