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New Offensive USB Cable Allows Remote Attacks over WiFi


Like a scene from a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie, a new offensive USB cable plugged into a computer could allowattackers to execute commands over WiFi as if they were using the computer's keyboard.

When plugged into a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer, this cableis detected by the operating system as a HIDor human interface device. As HID devices are considered input devices by an operating system, they can be used to input commands as if they are being typed on a keyboard.

Created by security researcher Mike Grover, who goes by the alias _MG_, the cable includes an integrated WiFi PCBthat was created by the researcher. This WiFi chip allows an attacker to connect to the cable remotely to execute command on the computer or manipulate the mouse cursor.

In a video demonstration by Grover, you can see how the researcher simply plugs a cable into the a PC and is able to connect to it remotely to issue commands through an app on his mobile phone.

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