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Have You Seen an Email Virus Recently?, (Mon, Feb 11th)


I did some research into the delivery of the malicious documents I analyzed this weekend (diary entries here and here).

I obtained several emails used to deliver these malicious documents as attachment. It started February 4th. All these emails are replies to existing emails, some to emails many years old.

The body of the message is always the same:


Please see the attached file for your reference.

zip password - 1234567


The subject varies, depending on the original email: Re: ...

The sender is one of the destinataires of the original email. I don't think they are spoofed, but I need to check more emails.

And the mailer is always Outlook.

I have an hypothesis, but I need to do more research to confirm or disprove it. And more info: maybe you can help.

The attached malicious documents execute the following PowerShell script:

This PowerShell script downloads and executes 2 items (strictly speaking, 3 downloads, but that's another story):

  1. Another PowerShell script
  2. A...(continued)
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