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MetaMask app on Google Play was a Clipboard Hijacker

Security researcherLukas Stefankofrom ESET discovered the first Android cryptocurrency clipboard hijacker impersonating MetaMaskon the official Google Play store.

The rogue MetaMaskapp is a Clipboard Hikackerthat monitors a device’s clipboard for Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses and replaces them with addresses of wallets under the control of the attacker. Using this trick the attackers can transfers funds to their wallets.

“This dangerous form of malware first made its rounds in 2017 on the Windows platform and was spotted in shady Android app stores in the summer of 2018. In February 2019, we discovered a malicious clipper on Google Play, the official Android app store.” reads the post published by ESET.

The Clipboard Hikacker poses itself as a mobile version of the legitimate service which is designed to run Ethereumdecentralized appsin a browser, without having to run a full Ethereum node.

However, the legitimate service currently does not offer a mobile app....(continued)

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