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Your Lenovo Watch X Is Watching You & Sharing What It Learns


A friend of mine offered me a Lenovo Watch X – which costs around 60 – in return for helping him with a security project. I was impressed with the design and the quality of the watch. Of course, I also immediately wanted to test its security.

Lenovo Watch X Security Research Summary

I think we all understand why a smart device like the Lenovo Watch X needs to collect some types of information. As users, our hope is that only the necessary information is shared and stored, and that all of our personally identifiable information (PII) is handled securely and responsibly.

Unfortunately, during the course of my research I found quite a few vulnerabilities in my shiny new Lenovo Watch X. Each of the vulnerabilities concern me, but a few of them are pretty disturbing. I’ll name and describe the vulnerabilities, and then share how that vulnerability could be used in an attack scenario.

Vulnerability – Pinpoint Phone Location: Phone latitude and longitude coordinates regularly sent...(continued)

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