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Container Escape Flaw Hits AWS, Google Cloud, Linux Distros

A vulnerability recently addressed in runc could allow malicious containers to gain root-level code execution on the host.

Introduced in 2015, runc is a lightweight, portable container runtime that includes all of the code used by Docker to interact with system features related to containers. The runtime is used in most containers out there, including cri-o, containerd, Kubernetes, Podman, and others.

Tracked as CVE-2019-5736 and featuring a CVSSv3 score of 7.2, the vulnerability can be exploited with minimal user interaction, senior software engineer at SUSE Linux and runc maintainer Aleksa Sarai says.

Discovered by Adam Iwaniuk and Borys Popławski, the vulnerability could allow a malicious container to overwrite the host runc binary and execute code on the host.

The bug can be triggered when creating a new container using an attacker-controlled image, or when attaching to a running container (using docker exec) that the attacker previously had write access to.


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