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Major Flaw in Runc Poses Mass Container Takeover Risk


Application Security , Containerization & Sandboxing , Data Breach

Major Flaw in Runc Poses Mass Container Takeover Risk Attackers Could 'Break Out' via Runc Flaw to Compromise All Containers on Host Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • February 12, 2019 Photo: Ian Brown via Flickr/CC

A slew of technology giants have issued fixes for a dangerous vulnerability that could allow a malicious container to "break out" and gain root control of a host system. The emergency updates from the likes of Red Hat, Google and Amazon demonstrate that while containers are a popular and increasingly used computing resource, any underlying flaws pose a serious data security risk.

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Containers refer to a standardized way to package application code, configurations and dependencies into what's known as an object. "Containers share an operating system installed on the server and run as resource-isolated...(continued)

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