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TrickBot Banking Trojan Now Steals RDP, VNC, and PuTTY Credentials


The infamous Trickbotbanking Trojan password stealer module has been recently upgraded to grab credentials used to authenticate to remote servers using VNC, PuTTY, and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Trend Micro'sNoel Anthony Llimos and Carl Maverick Pascualfirst discovered the new version of the Trickbotbanking Trojan capable of stealing application credentials in January 2019, a version based on a previous variant discovered in November, the first to come with a password-grabbingmodule.

Complex infection procedure

While known primarily as a banking Trojan,TrickBot(which is also known as Trickster, TheTrick, and TrickLoader) has been continuously updated throughout the years since it was initiallyreported during October 2016.

Even though in the beginning it only had banking Trojan capabilities designed to exfiltrateas much sensitiveinformation as possible, it hasbecome a malware dropper recently, capable of downloading other malware families on compromised machines.

To be...(continued)

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