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Qualcomm Extended Reality and Overcoming the Glasshole Problem


One of the most painful efforts I’ve ever seen was Google’s roll out of Google Glass. Some Nimrod there thought it would be a good idea to roll out what was an Alpha product, make people testing it pay for the thing, and then sit back and watch the bodies drop. We did get the new word Glasshole, but it wasn’t a compliment and in one ill-conceived effort Google set back augmented reality (AR) development by years. Well, Qualcomm has stepped up to the plate at Mobile World Congress with their extended reality effort and showcased interesting new devices from Acer and Nreal. These are each very different efforts and let’s look at each in turn. We’ll call it the approach occluded and non-occluded.

Acer OJO

The Acer OJO line was initially created as a detachable Windows headset, and it is a fully occluded design. This means that rendered images appear more solid and the resulting combination is far more realistic than non-occluded technology. But this requires more processing...(continued)

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