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Europe won't stop Internet 'fast lanes'

The issue of Net neutrality, or the concept that all online traffic should be treated equally, has pressed Europe and the US for years. CNET

The European Parliament has rejected key rules designed to secure the future of the open Internet in Europe.

Members of the European Parliament voted Tuesday to allow companies to pay for the privilege of having their traffic prioritized in "fast lanes" and did not eliminate the potential for Internet service providers to change traffic speeds.

Four significant amendments were rejected just before the Parliament voted to adopt legislation governing Net neutrality, the concept that all online traffic should be treated equally. A premise behind Net neutrality is that every company can start on equal footing when competing in the digital economy.

The European Parliament's decision contributes to a global and ongoing debate over the openness of the Internet. By adopting the law but rejecting the amendments, Europe has set itself apart...(continued)

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