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Lenovo Yoga C630: The Benchmark for Next-Generation Notebook Computers


I get a lot of laptops in to test but one has stood out this year and that is the Lenovo Yoga C630. This is the first of the second-generation of “always connected” PCs powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 platform and it is amazing. The underlying concept of trading off a little performance for a massive boost in battery life and an always-on WAN connection sounded good when I first heard it, but this really changes the entire notebook dynamic once you actually have it in use.

There are currently two breakout notebooks in market that I struggle to pick between: this Lenovo and the HP Spectre Folio which lacks the battery life of this Lenovo product, but is wrapped in leather making it far easier to carry and hold than a typical laptop. My idea of a perfect product would be a blend of the two concepts. But, I want to focus on this Lenovo this week as I prepare for a day trip to San Francisco.

Battery Anxiety

I generally use a desktop computer for work and grab one of...(continued)

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