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Tumblr's Web Traffic Has Dropped From 520 Million Page Views in December 2018 To 370 Million Page Views in February This Year Following Adult Content Ban - Slashdot


If your business model is based on numbers and traffic, (to show advertising) taking away content will normally bite back. It allowed Adult Content, it blocked it, there is a population who used the platform for that content, and now no longer uses it. Thus less add content.

If Tumblr never allowed the content to begin with, users wouldn't have used the site for such content, and they wouldn't have such a dip in users.

In general a cut in revenue is worse, then having a slow steady rise in revenue. As any of you who had pay cuts or got fired from your job know. We buy housing, and transportation based on what we are able to support, If we make more money we will usually get a more expensive one. With a price cut, we have a lot of large expenses that is difficult to trim down quickly. That house mortgage is still there, you may still have car payments, It will take time to sell your house and your car may be too devalued to make it affordable to trade in for a cheaper...(continued)

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