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Serious Security: What we can all learn from #PiDay


It’s Pi Day – or World Pi Day, if you prefer, or even Universe Pi Day, given that Pi is a universal constant.

As you may remember from school mathematics, Pi is the cool and amazing ratio you get when you divide the distance around a circle by the distance across it – the number comes out identically for every circle, no matter how big or how small.

Quizzically put, it’s Pi that makes bicycle wheels go round and round smoothly, rather than going kerbump, kerbump on a flat spot or gaflop, gaflop on a bulgy bit.

(In mathematics, you’re supposed to use the Latinny word circumference, meaning carrying around, and the Greeky work diameter, meaning measurement across, but it’s the words around and across that matter.)

The Ancient Greeks really struggled with Pi – indeed, they struggled to the point that it’s almost a satirical joke that we now call the constant after a Greek letter, and even write the lower-case Greek letter π to denote it.

Ancient Greek mathematicians were really...(continued)

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