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Ransomware Attack On The US Committee For Public Counsel Services


A ransomware attack on the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS), the agency overseeing public defenders in the US, has caused a major slowdown – disabling email systems, delaying some hearings, and holding up payments for the private attorneys who represent clients.

They are not alone, Jackson County Georgia also reported paying out $400,000in ransom last week.

Following this, Allan Liska, Senior Solutions Architect (and ransomware expert) atRecordedFuture commented below, on why government agencies are attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Allan Liska, Senior Solutions Architect at Recorded Future:

“From library systems in South Carolina, to towns in Alaska, and even cities as big as Atlanta, local governments are being targeted for ransomware attacks. The public defender’s office in Boston is just the latest to report an attack, but they are not alone, Jackson County Georgia also reported paying out $400,000 in ransom this week. These ransomware attacks disrupt...(continued)

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