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Google Chrome Adding Support For Nintendo Switch Gamepads


You will soon be able to use the Nintendo Switch gamepads to control online games in Google Chrome using the GamePad API.

The GamePadAPI is an API that allows users to interact directly with web applications using a gamepadplugged into their PC. This could be used for numerous applications such as online gaming, virtual reality, or accessibility.

In January 2018, a Chromium bug report was created to add support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller so that it could be used with the Gamepad API.

In arecent update to this bug report, a new Chromium Gerrit commit was created that adds better support to a variety of Nintendo Switch controllers that are connected to a computer via USB or Bluetooth.

This adds support for Nintendo Switch controllers through Gamepad API: * Switch Pro (USB and Bluetooth) * Joy-Con L (Bluetooth) * Joy-Con R (Bluetooth) * Joy-Con L+R (Bluetooth) * Charging Grip (USB)

This commitis currently waiting for review before it can make it to the main Chromium...(continued)

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