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Tax-Related Phishing Schemes Warning From IRS - The National Law Review

Privacy Tip #181- IRS Warns Consumers and Employers About Tax-Related Phishing Schemes

In another round of warnings from the federal government on protecting yourself from tax return fraud and identity theft, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued its 2019 “Dirty Dozen” Campaign, designed to warn individuals about the most common tax-related phishing schemes that are focused on tax fraud and identity theft.

During tax season, cybercriminals work around the clock to locate and dupe consumers into giving them information they need in order to file false tax returns. The schemes can happen over the telephone, via text messages, websites, or email.

The first of the Dirty Dozen is a warning about the highest threat – phishing. Phishing emails look very real and use the IRS’ logo and threatening language designed to scare the recipient into giving personal information. The email or telephone call appears to be from someone from the IRS, threatening legal action or fines...(continued)

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