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Google distributed malicious Chrome app designed to steal your cryptocurrency - The Next Web


Be wary if you come across ads that promote an airdrop, distributing tokens for popular cryptocurrency exchange deskHuobi: the offer might be fake, and you might be getting swooped into an elaborate ploy designed to steal your coins.

Security researcher Harry Denley, who maintains popular anti-phishing database EtherscamDB, has unearthed a phishing campaign that tricks victims into downloading a malicious Chrome extension, programmed to get a hold of yourwallet‘s private keys.

What makes the attack vector particularly sneaky is that the Chrome extension – called NoCoin – was disguised as an app to block surreptitious cryptocurrency mining (also known as crypto-jacking). Indeed, the malicious extension looks pretty much identical to popular crypto-jacking blocker, MinerBlock.

Credit: MyCrypto

To get users to download the infected extension, the hackers built a fake ERC20 token named after Huobi. The token was distributed via a website, which despite claiming to be an airdrop...(continued)

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