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New PoS Malware Discovered Targeting The Hospitality And Entertainment Industry


Researchershave uncovered anewcybercrime campaignthat istargeting restaurants, cinemas and other retailers in the entertainment and hospitality industries with point-of-sale (POS) malware, with the aimto steal credit card information from customers.Going by the name ofDMSniff, themalwareis thought to have originated in 2016 but has managed to keep a low profile since.The key targets ofDMSniffaresmall- and medium-sized companies that rely heavily on card transactions, such as the food, hospitality and entertainment industries.

What makes this malware unique is its ability tousea domain generation algorithm (DGA) to create command-and-control domains on the fly, helping it to resist takedowns and bypass simple blocking mechanisms.This is beneficial for the attackers because if domains are taken down by law enforcement or hosting providers, the malware can still communicate with the compromised POS device — and continue to transfer stolen data.

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