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New Tune Extension Turns Google Chrome Into a Safe Space


Are you annoyed with all the vitriolic and angry comments that you see on social media? If so, then a new and experimental Chrome extension called Tune is hoping to help you dial it down.

Tune was created by Jigsaw, a technology incubator operated by AlphabetInc.,that uses machine intelligence to filter toxicity found in comments on social media and services like YouTube and Reddit. Using this extension, users can use a dial to specify the 'volume' of toxic comments that you would like to see.

In order to use Tune, you will need to install it into Chrome and then log in with your Google account. Once logged in, you will be able to configure the sites you wish to filter and the 'volume' that you would like to use when filtering them.

The extension allows you to configure six volume levels starting with Hide it all, which filters almost everything,and then moving up through the Keep it quiet, Keep it low, Keep it medium, Keep it loud, Keep it blaring, and finally Show it all,...(continued)

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