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Flash Bulletin: Emotet Epoch 1 Changes its C2 Communication

We are currently noticing a change in the way that the Emotet botnet, specifically the epoch 1 variant, is communicating with the C2. In past versions, the client would typically perform a GET request with data contained in the cookie value. As of approximately 11pm UTC on March 14, this changed. The clients have begun to perform HTTP POST’s to what appear to be their C2’s. The URI’s contacted contain variable words in the paths. We are seeing form data passed with a name variable and data. This change will break researchers as well as certain detection technologies while they scurry to retool. We will continue to track this change and analyze what this means. Further details to come.


Emotet E1 Client hash: e0f04e2fbf3beed2dc836567006890f6f0442db78248cc2fd049437547be462e

Seen POST Uri’s 178[.]78[.]64[.]80:8443/usbccid/82[.]78[.]228[.]57:443/attrib/82[.]78[.]228[.]57:443/taskbar/139[.]59[.]19[.]157/acquire/results/139[.]59[.]19[.]157/add/between/taskbar/merge/...(continued)
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