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Cambridge Analytica Scandal – One Year On


In light of the one-year anniversary of the Cambridge Analytica scandal on Sunday 17thMarch, please see below for a comment fromJasmitSagoo, senior director at Veritas.Jasmitexplains how in the last year, the way consumers create and share data has changed, as have their expectations of how businesses should use their data.

JasmitSagoo, Senior Director at Northern Europe,Veritas Technologies:

“Have businesses learnt the lesson about responsible data collection and usage, one year on from the Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook the world?

“Over the last year, the way that consumers create and share data has changed – and so has the way that they expect businesses to store and process it. High-profile breaches, scandals, and the introduction of the GDPR last May have made consumers more cautious about what data they share, where it’s being stored and who it’s being accessed by.

“We’ve seen what can happen when this trust is broken, for both the user and the business they...(continued)

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