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Fewer than 28% of using DMARC effectively in line with guidelines - Help Net Security


Only 28% of domains have been proactive in setting up DMARC appropriately, in line with UK Government Digital Service (GDS) advice in preparation for the retirement of the Government Secure Intranet (GSI) platform in March 2019.

Since 1996, the GSI framework has enabled connected organizations to communicate electronically and securely at low protective marking levels, according to Egress.

The findings reveal a lack of preparation from several government email administrators in readying themselves for the domain migration, which in effect leaves domain users open to phishing attacks.

Egress analysed more than 2,000 email domains to check if public sector organisations have DMARC enabled, and whether they were implementing it in-line with the government’s guidance.

Neil Larkins, CTO of Egress, comments: “It’s quite startling to see that so many public sector organizations have not yet enabled DMARC effectively and therefore cannot provide full assurance over their...(continued)

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