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AZORult++: Rewriting history


The AZORult Trojan is one of the most commonly bought and sold stealers in Russian forums. Despite the relatively high price tag ($100), buyers like AZORult for its broad functionality (for example, the use of .bit domains as C&C servers to ensure owner anonymity and to make it difficult to block the C&C server), as well as its high performance. Many comment leavers recommend it.

But at the back end of 2018, the main seller, known under the handle CrydBrox, stopped selling the malware:

“All software has a shelf life. It’s run out for AZORult.
It is with joy and sadness that I announce that sales are closed forever.”

Some attribute the move to AZORult 3.2 having become too widely available, likewise the source code of the botnet control panel. This version of the malware spread to other forums where even users without special skills can download and configure it for their own purposes. So the imminent demise of AZORult was apparently down to a lack of regular updates...(continued)

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