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Telegram Now Lets You Delete a Received Message From Sender's Device


To further increase privacy, Telegram announced today that they have added a feature that allows users to delete any message in a one-on-one chat and have it be removed from both chat user's devices.

When Telegram first introduced the "unsend" feature, users were able to remove any message they sent within the last 48 hours from both devices. To further protect user's privacy, Telegram now allows you to delete any message, not matter how old, in aone-on-one chat and have it be removed from both the sender and recipient's device.

To use this feature, just tap and hold a message until the Delete option appears. Once you click on the Delete option, you will be asked if you want to delete the message for from your own chat or on both devices.

"Today, we are giving hundreds of millions of userscomplete controlof any private conversation they have ever had," Telegram stated in a blog post."You can now choose to delete any message you have sent or received from both sides inany...(continued)

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