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Why site reliability engineers face more security incidents and higher stress levels


Half of SREs have worked on outages lasting longer than a day, according to a Catchpoint report.

Incident resolution remains a major part of the site reliability engineer (SRE) role, as cybersecurity events increasingly cause outages, operational overload, delivery slowdowns, and notification fatigue, according to a Monday report from Catchpoint.

The SRE role is still evolving, the report noted: Of the 188 professionals in the field surveyed, 64% said that their role or team had been in existence for only three years or less.

SREs were named the no. 2 most promising job in America for 2019, after data scientists, according to a recent LinkedIn report. These professionals have a median base salary of $200,000, and saw 72% growth in job postings over the past year, that report found.

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LinkedIn currently lists more than 2,000 US job openings for SREs, double the number as a of year ago, the Catchpoint report found.

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