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Tesla Model 3 Hacked on the Last Day of Pwn2Own


Fluoroacetateis the team which won the competition earning $375,000 out of the total of $545,000 earned bysecurity researchers who demoed their research during this year's Pwn2Own Vancouver 2019.

During thelast day,Fluoroacetate'sAmat Cama and Richard Zhu successfully targeted and successfully hacked their way into aTesla Model 3's Chromium-basedinfotainment system as part of their automotive category demo, using "a JIT bug in the renderer to display their message."

This brought them $35,000 out of their total of$375,000 in cash collected during the three days of Pwn2Own and, of course, theTesla Model 3 they successfully hacked into during their research demo.

The same duo of researchers also managed to demo exploits forApple Safari,Oracle VirtualBox,VMware Workstation, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, allowing theFluoroacetateteam to dominate the competition, overshadowing the earnings of all other contestants.

This is not the first time Fluoroacetatewon the Pwn2Own...(continued)

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