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Emsisoft released a free decryptor for CryptoPokemon ransomware

Good news for the victims of the CryptoPokemon ransomware, security experts at Emsisoft just released a free decrypter tool.

Victims of the CryptoPokemon ransomware have a good reason to smile, security experts at Emsisoft have released a free decrypter tool.

The ransomware was first discovered by experts at IntezerLabs, the CryptoPokemon ransomware is a new strain of ransomware that encrypts files and demands a payment of a 0.02 Bitcoin ransom to decrypt them.

Researchers at Emsisoft discovered a vulnerability in the ransomware and exploited it to decrypt victims’ files.

“After CryptoPokemon was brought to our attention, Emsisoft security experts were able to find a flaw in the ransomware’s code and create a decrypter that allows you to decrypt your files without paying a cent.” reads the blog post published by Emsisoft.

The CryptoPokemon ransomware encrypts files using SHA256 + AES128. The malicious code drops a ransom note of the infected system that contains the...(continued)

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