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Romanian duo convicted of fraud Scheme infecting 400,000 computers

Two Romanian hackers are convicted of infecting 400,000 computers in the U.S. with malicious code and stole millions of dollars from the victims.

Bogdan Nicolescu and Radu Miclaus are convicted of infecting 400,000 computers, most of them in the U.S.. The malware was developed to steal credentials, financial data, personal information, then the crooks offered them on the dark web marketplaces.

The crooks used malicious emails purporting to be legitimate from such entities as Western Union, Norton AntiVirus and the IRS to spread the malware. The spam messages used an attached file that once executed installed onto their computer.

“The defendants used stolen email credentials to copy a victim’s email contacts. They also activated files that forced infected computers to register email accounts with AOL.” continues the DoJ. “The defendants registered more than 100,000 email accounts using this method. They then sent malicious emails from these addresses to the compromised...(continued)

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