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Dark Data as a Subset of Big Data Proving to be of Importance


Any data which is disregarded and still remains stored without being indexed anywhere is known as Dark Data, it has a tendency to get lost as it disappears for the researchers first. It has been gathered by organizations unintentionally and therefore it is unstructured in nature, it is not accessible to the public and is neither employed for any decision making.

The primary reason for the generation of dark data is the accumulation of bulk of data and only a small part of it being selected for analysis. Data is generated very rapidly; with every user clicking on a link, data is being generated which is analyzed by the corporations to better their businesses. However, they require only a limited amount of data that is structured and then kept as a record in databases whereas the remaining unstructured data is lost amid other data which is not indexed.

Out of 7.5 sextillion gigabytes of data generated throughout the world on a daily basis, 6.75 Septillion megabytes...(continued)
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