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Australian Child-Tracking Smartwatch Vulnerable to Hackers


Cybersecurity , Data Breach

Australian Child-Tracking Smartwatch Vulnerable to Hackers Report: Hacker Could Spoof Child's Location, View Personal Information Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • April 15, 2019 An Australian version of the Gator smartwatch, designed for tracking children and the elderly, contains a number of worrying vulnerabilities, researchers say. (Photo: Troy Hunt)

An Australian company that markets a smartwatch that lets parents monitor their children shut down its service on Monday after researchers revealed hackers could listen in on, spy on and spoof a child's location.

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The affected service comes from Brisbane-based company iStaySafe Pty. Ltd., which launched its GPS-enabled TicTocTrack smartwatch five years ago.

Through a mobile app, parents can see their child's location every six minutes, speak to their child and get alerts if a child leaves a geo-fenced area....(continued)

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