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Dragonblood: Data-leaking flaw in WPA3 Wi-Fi authentication


Researchers have discovered several holes in a new security protocol for wireless networks. It warrants patching because although no one has exploited the bugs in the wild yet, they’re severe enough to let people steal your Wi-Fi passwords.

Researchers Mathy Vanhoef of New York University Abu Dhabi and Eyal Ronen of Tel Aviv University & KU Leuven discovered the flaws in the WPA3 Wi-Fi authentication protocol. They published the results of their research in a technical paper, which you can get from Vanheof’s dedicated microsite. Vanhoef also discovered the KRACK vulnerability that affected WPA2 in 2017.

The Wi-Fi Alliance launched WPA3 in June 2018 to improve security over the previous Wi-Fi standard, WPA2. It came in two flavours: WPA3-Personal, and WPA3-Enterprise.

WPA3-Personal is the problematic one. It uses an authentication protocol called Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), also known as Dragonfly. A WPA3-Personal device uses it as a handshake mechanism...(continued)

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