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A new DDoS technique abuses HTML5 Hyperlink Audit Ping in massive attacks

Experts at Imperva discovered a new type of large-scale DDoS attack that abuses the HTML5 Ping-based hyperlink auditing feature.

Experts at Imperva Vitaly Simonovich and Dima Bekerman observed a large-scale DDoS attack abusing the HTML5 Ping-based hyperlink auditing feature.

The DDoS attack peaked at a massive 7,500 requests per second and delivered more than 70 million requests over a four-hour period from around 4,000 user IPs.

“We recently investigated a DDoS attack which was generated mainly from users in Asia. In this case, attackers used a common HTML5 attribute, the <a> tag ping, to trick these users to unwittingly participate in a major DDoS attack that flooded one web site with approximately 70 million requests in four hours.” reads the analysis published by Imperva.

“Rather than a vulnerability, the attack relied on turning a legitimate feature into an attack tool. Also, almost all of the users enlisted in the attack were mobile users of the QQBrowser...(continued)

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