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Beware! Online, phone refund fraud: Here's how you can avoid losing money


Representative Image&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspGetty Images

New Delhi: Online shopping, ticket booking, reservations etc. are becoming increasingly popular all over the country. A lot of people prefer the convenience of booking and cancellation from the comfort of home. Since online shopping offers easy returns as well, people tend to shop online more. With these advancements, phone and online scamming have been on the rise lately.

Online scammers have been targetting people over phone or internet in the past couple of months. Three people scammed a woman to the tune of Rs 82,000 last year in November when she was trying to claim Rs 107 refund for a ring she returned. In another recent incident, a Lucknow woman was duped of Rs 40,000 when she was trying to cancel movie tickets online and claim a refund.

A recent ToI report brought another such incident to light. A Navi Mumbai man lost Rs 1 lakh to e-fraudster while trying to get Rs 500 refund. As per...(continued)

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