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E-Coin Warns of Phishing Sites Looking to Scam Customers - (blog)

Bitcoin debit card company E-Coin has released a warning about phishing sites that mimick itswebsite,

The London-based company released the following statement:

Recently there have been reports of phishing sites that are looking to scam E-Coin users. Be sure to check the domain address and the SSL. Below is an address of a phishing site to look like E-Coin. Please use caution and do not use this site. E-Coin has no affiliation with

The phishing sites look exactly like the E-Coin site but have a different web address. The firm provided an example of oneof the scam sites,

The above site is very similar to the actual E-Coin site below:

Phishing attacks in the bitcoin industry have been onthe rise. Targets of phishing attacks have included Coindesk, Blockchain, Local Bitcoins, Bitstamp, Bitpay, and users of the Electrum bitcoin wallet. Early in 2015, Bitstamp lost $5 million in a hot wallet attack that succeeded via...(continued)

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