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This is the nation's fastest wireless carrier, study says - CNET


You're sitting in a coffee shop, your eyeballs glued to the phone. YouTube is open, and you're waiting for the latest comic-book movie trailer to load. Instead, you get the oh-so-familiar circular loading icon instead.

And it keeps spinning and spinning.

It's at these moments when you wonder if this is the right time to switch wireless carriers. But which carrier? Each of them claims to be some variation of fastest, most reliable or even newest. It's tough to cut through the noise.

Testing firm OpenSignal has some answers and found two surprising carriers duking it out for the top spot.

T-Mobile earned top honors in the firm's first US-dedicated report released Tuesday. It took home awards for the speed and responsiveness of its 3G network. Verizon won for 4G coverage, and both carriers shared 4G speed honors.


AT&T, the nation's second-largest carrier, walked away with no awards, while Sprint won for the responsiveness of its 4G network.

These tests are...(continued)

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