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Wekby APT group leverages DNS requests for C2 communications

PaloAlto Networks has spotted a new campaign conducted by the Wekby APT that leverages on a malware that uses DNS requests for C2 communications.

Security experts atPalo Alto Networks have spotted a China-linked APT group that has been using a strain of malware that leverages DNS requests for command and control (C&C) communications.

The group isknown asWekby,Dynamite Panda, TG-0416 and APT 18, security experts linked it to the security breach suffered by theCommunity Health Systemsin 2014.

The attackers exploited theHeartbleedvulnerability affecting theOpenSSL to steal4.5 million patient records.

In July 2015, theWekby APT group was spotted exploitingtheCVE-2015-5119Flash Player vulnerability in their exploit kits, the exploitcode was disclosed as the result of the attack against theHacking Team.

In the last wave of attacksdiscovered by the experts at PaloAlto, the Wekby APT group targetedUS-based organization using a strain of malware dubbed ‘pisloader.’


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