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Just $6 Could Get You a Hacked Server on a Government Network

Hacked servers from all around the world are up for sale on obscure online marketplaces, and they are quite cheap too, going for as low as $6, Kaspersky Labs researchers warn.

One shady marketplace where one can purchase a hacked server is xDedic, with more than 70,000 items offered for sale, including compromised servers on government networks, corporate servers, web servers, or databases. According to Kaspersky researchers, 416 unique sellers had hacked servers in 173 affected countries listed on this marketplace in May 2016.

The cheap prices will appeal to many malicious buyers: for only $6, one could purchase access to a server located in a European Union country government network. This one-time pay would provide the buyer with “access to all the data on the server and the possibility to use this access to launch further attacks,” researchers explain.

“It is a hacker’s dream, simplifying access to victims, making it cheaper and faster, and opening up new...(continued)

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