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Damn… anyone know what facilities these are?

Seen up for sale on aforum (I’m redacting the ads and samples):

Healthcare Database (48,000 Patients) from Farmington, Missouri, United States

This product is a considerably large database in plaintext from a healthcare organization in Farmington, Missouri, United States. It was retrieved from a Microsoft Access database within their internal network using readily available plaintext usernames and passwords.Format: Record #,Pat.Act.#,Active,Last Name,First Name,MI,Suf.,Address Line 1,Address Line 2,City,State,Zip,SSN,DOB,Sex,Mar.,Stu.,Email,Home Phone,Work Phone,Cell PhoneSample: 34441,344416,TRUE,Andrews,Amy,,,[redacted],Fredericktown,MO,63645,[redacted],[redacted],F,D,N,,[redacted] ,( ) – ,( ) –Statistics:Total Records Count: 47,864DOB 1890-1934: 5,650DOB 1935-1989: 38,136DOB 1990-1997: 2,783DOB 1998-2015: 1,295

Database (210,000 Patients) from Central/Midwest United States

This product is a very large database in plaintext from a healthcare organization in the...(continued)
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