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Amazon account hijacking: how to defend yourself against fraudsters


Having an Amazon account hacked and taken over should be the nightmare of every user of the service. It’s impossible to say how common it is but there have been enough anecdotes on the phenomenon on public websites in the last year to underline the risk it poses.

As we noted in an article looking at Amazon security settings last year, users can turn on two-step verification (see discussion below) via SMS or through an app but only if they are using US accounts. UK and other non-US users can only access the same security feature if they sign up for US accounts first and then enable it for the site. It’s a workaround but a needless one that Amazon should put right as soon as possible.

Amazon account security - types of Amazon fraud

Amazon fraud can be broken down into several types; purchase fraud against buyers, fake goods scams (caveat emptor), and fraud against sellers (caveat venditor) in the firm’s Marketplace. The latter is a complex topic that...(continued)

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