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Phishing attacks: is it time to take employee training more seriously?


Some years ago, phishing criminals discovered a simple way to beat email filtering, the main technology organisations were using to defend themselves from attacks. Instead of bombarding inboxes with ever greater volumes of spam, they started tailoring phishing emails to specific organisations and the people who worked for them in a technique security firms dubbed ‘spear phishing’.

An atttack theme that had been in use by intelligence services since the dawn of email itself in the 1970s was suddenly mainstream and easy to pull off. If phishing looks odd then make it look familiar. People will eventually click on attachments and links because that’s part of what makes anyone’s email inbox worth using. From these simple but devastating realisations countless big data breaches and malware attacks can be traced.

It took years for companies to grasp that filters were never going to cut it again but eventually a new approach was tried in the form of software designed to test and...(continued)

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