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Android's 6 biggest security flaws 2016


You could be forgiven for losing track of Android security flaws. In the last year or so, several shockingly big ones have appeared – including a brand new one made public in August 2016 by Check Point - affecting huge numbers of Android handsets and even Marshmallow (6.x), supposedly the latest and greatest version of Google’s mobile OS.

In fact, Android has suffered a steady stream of flaws great and small, which wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t for a single unconformable fact – Android is complex to patch. Here we outline the biggest flaws to affect Android in recent times, all publicised since mid-2014.

QuadRooter vulnerabilities

Made public: August 2016, Severity: 5/5, Versions affected: Handsets with Qualcomm modem chipsets, about 80 percent of all Android phones. Fixed? Qualcomm patch released via handset makers

As has often been the case with Android, the vulnerability revealed by QuadRoooter (CVE-2016-2503, 2504, 2059, 5340) is the fundamental fragmentation of the...(continued)

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