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Hacker Interviews – RootPhantom from Phantom Squad

Today I have interviewed RootPhantom, another member of the popular hacker crew Phantom Squad.

Enjoy the interview!

You are a talented hacker that has already participated in several hacking campaigns, could you tell me more about.

We did bring down PSN and Xbox services last year.

Could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking? Which are your motivations?

Year 2014, I started and my background is PHP, python, Perl, c++, HTML, and exploiting My motivations is, first I’m board, second, I have hacking groups that I like.

What was your greatest hacking challenge? Which was your latest hack? Can you describe me it?

My hacking challenge is none. My newest hack was dumping a website that should not be host Credit cards and yes i know that i did it the black hat way.

What are the 4 tools that cannot be missed in the hacker’s arsenal and why?

  • Msfconsole: easy way to exploit. Nmap: fastest way to scan host and services. Armitage:
  • Nmap: fastest way to...(continued)
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