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Vulnerabilities, Backdoors Found in D-Link Mobile Hotspot

Vulnerabilities, Backdoor Found in D-Link DWR-932B LTE Router

Security researchers have discovered numerous unpatched security vulnerabilities in the D-Link DWR-932B LTE router / access point, including backdoor accounts and default Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN.

The device is being sold in various countries and appears to be customers’ security nightmare because of the numerous security weaknesses. The vulnerabilities were discovered by Pierre Kim, who decided to reveal only the most significant of them, and who says that the issues affect even the latest firmware version released by the vendor.

Earlier this year, Kim disclosed numerous unpatched vulnerabilities affecting the LTE QDH routers made by Quanta, including backdoors, hardcoded PIN, flaws in the web interface, remote code execution issue, and other bugs. The flaws that impact D-Link’s router are similar to those found in Quanta’s device, it seems.

The researcher discovered two backdoor accounts on the device...(continued)

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