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Over 97 Percent of All Phishing Emails Deliver Ransomware - eSecurity Planet

And 82 percent of email servers are misconfigured, recent research discovered.

According to PhishMe Inc.'s 2016 Q3 Malware Review, the proportion of phishing emails that deliver some form of ransomware reached 97.25 percent in the third quarter of 2016.

Locky ransomware executables were the most commonly-identified file type in the third quarter, PhishMe found. "Locky will be remembered alongside 2013's CryptoLocker as a top-tier ransomware tool that fundamentally alterered the way security professionals view the threat landscape," PhishMe CTO and co-founder Aaron Higbee said in a statement. "Not only does Locky distribution dwarf all other malware from 2016, it towers above all other ransomware varieties."

And while just 2.75 percent of phishing emails delivered non-ransomware malware, the diversity of malware samples in those emails far exceeded that of the ransomware campaigns.

"The rapid awareness and attention on ransomware has forced threat actors to pivot and iterate...(continued)

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