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Ransomware: What Are the Bad Guys After and How Do I Stop Them? -


If the past few days of WannaCry ransomware activity have taught us anything it’s that cybercriminals pose a clear and present danger to organizations and their customers all over the world. But have you ever wondered exactly what the bad guys are after when they launch their online attacks at your own PC or mobile device?

New Trend Micro stats reveal that ransomware cuts across a broad sweep of personal, financial and work-related files.

The bad news is that such attacks could have a major impact on your life, both financially and emotionally.

A great deal at risk

Even before the global WannaCry attacks, ransomware was on the rise. In fact, Trend Micro recorded a massive 752 percent increase last year in new varieties of the malware. Ransomware attacks typically involve the bad guys infecting your machine with malware which effectively locks you out. They’ll usually promise to offer a virtual “key” to so you can get back into your machine and read that data – at a price. But...(continued)

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