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“We’re not responsible:” TheDarkOverlord denies hacking Disney’s new Pirates movie

Since June of 2016, when they somewhat burst on the scene, there has been a lotwritten about thehacker/collective known as TheDarkOverlord (TDO).A lot of it appears to bejust plain inaccurate,but in somecases, the inaccurate reporting can be traced back to misleading communications or tweets by TDO. As a recent example of miscommunication creating an inaccurate understanding of a breach: when TDO recently dumped what appear to bethree patient databases from Aesthetic Dentistry in NYC, OC Gastrocare, and Tampa Bay Surgery Center, some people may have erroneously assumedthatTDO had attempted to extort all three entitiesand was dumping the data only because the entities had not paid the extortion demand. It would certainly be a logical assumption based on their past history and their tweets.

In an encrypted chat last night, however, TDO informed this site that they had never contacted Tampa Bay at all.

And whileTDO surprised mewhen they clarified that they had never attempted...(continued)

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