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Nissan's JukeCam is a dashcam for adrenaline junkies - Roadshow


The Nissan Juke might be on the old side, but the automaker isn't done teaching this dog some new tricks.

The JukeCam is, unsurprisingly, a camera add-on for the Nissan Juke crossover. It records 360-degree footage at up to 4K resolution. Using special mounts, it can attach to either the Juke's dashboard or a helmet for on-the-go recording.

"Star Wars" wonks will appreciate the fact that this camera looks like a star destroyer's shield generator. Nissan

As you can tell from the Millennial-friendly video below, the JukeCam is designed for action -- in this case, pogo stick performers. But it can also function as a traditional dashcam, recording drives for either the driver to enjoy later, or making sure a collision has some video evidence. Nissan did not mention a price for the JukeCam.

This isn't the first time Nissan has worked with 360-degree cameras -- sort of. Its Around View Monitor takes footage from multiple exterior cameras and stitches them together to create a...(continued)

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