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Twilio Credentials Hardcoded in Mobile Apps Expose Calls, Texts

Hundreds of mobile applications that use the Twilio SDK or REST API include hardcoded credentials that could be abused to access millions of calls and text messages, researchers warned on Thursday.

Appthority’s Mobile Threat Team has analyzed more than 1,100 iOS and Android applications that use Twilio, a cloud communications platform designed for developing voice and messaging apps.

Twilio’s documentation provides guidance on best security practices, but researchers found that 686 apps from 85 developers exposed Twilio account IDs and access tokens (i.e. passwords). Roughly one-third of the applications containing hardcoded Twilio credentials are business-related, and the ones designed for Android have been downloaded between 40 and 180 million times.

The affected apps, more than 170 of which are still available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, include software used for secure communications by a federal law enforcement agency, one that allows sales teams to record...(continued)

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